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Top 5 Biker Tips: How To Be A Fitter Rider

Most people tend to underestimate Moto-sports. They think that a biker doesn't have to be as fit and strong as a football or a basketball player for example. That, of course, is a huge, but a very common misconception. Motorcyclists have to be in top shape in order to control and handle those mean machines at high speeds. Naturally, this means that a biker's stamina, endurance, and strength are absolutely crucial for a better and safer performance. So, if you want to become a fitter rider and meet local bikers, make sure to check out these 5 awesome exercise tips.

Work On Your Cardio And Stamina

You might think that this is a completely irrelevant aspect of riding a motorcycle, but once you meet local bikers, you will realize just how important this part really is. Even though you're sitting for the most part of your ride, you have to be fit and in shape in order to control your bike. This fight requires a lot of strength and endurance. So, if you want to be able to ride your powerful machine, make sure to work on your cardio.

Strengthen Your Legs

Since we're talking about being in control, it's safe to say that your legs play a crucial role in that. Biker men are known for having astonishingly strong legs and that's not a fluke. The strength in their legs allows them to absorb road bumps and control the bike at high speeds. Therefore, you need to include the following two exercises in your daily routine - dumbbell lunges and back squats. 

Work On Your Core

A strong core is absolutely essential for a high-quality riding performance. You can have great stamina and cardio, but if your entire body is not tight and ready, you simply won't be able to enjoy a long ride! You can increase your core strength by engaging in side planking, circle planking, sliding pike drill, and side balance crunches. All of these simple exercises will strengthen your core muscles which will enhance your overall riding experience.

Improve Your Upper Back, Arms, And Shoulders

We already mentioned how crucial legs are in this sport, but we also have to emphasize the importance of the upper body, more precisely, upper back, arms, and shoulders. These muscles areas have a rather important role when it comes to controlling the front part of the bike. In order to improve them, you need to lift weights, bench press, or use your own body weight to do push-ups and pull-ups.

Strengthen Your Stomach (Abdomen)

Best way to do this is by doing crunches or sit-ups. Simply lie on your back and keep your knees bent with your feet on the floor. Then, lift your head and upper part of your back until you feel your abs burning. Don't put your hands behind your head because you'll feel the need to help yourself by pushing your head upward. Instead, position your hands on each side of your head. The Strong abdomen is just as important as strong back muscles, especially when it comes to those long and tiresome rides.

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