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Nitrobol Muscle Building Amino Acids
The Best High Protein Bodybuilding Supplement

"You Can Burn Off 5 to 10 Pounds of Body Fat And Gain 5 To 7 Pounds Of Ripped, Lean, New Muscle Mass In 30 Days Or Less Without Any Changes At All In Your Diet!"

What if I told you there was a new non-steroidal (not a prohormone or hormone pre-cursor) supplement that could help you pack on as much as 8 to 10 pounds of solid, rock-hard, new lean muscle mass in as little as 4 weeks!

And what if I told you that even though it produces astounding gains in muscle mass and strength while simultaneously burning body fat without any change in your diet...and it's completely safe, even for teen-agers and women.

I know, I probably have a hard time believing it, don't you?

I don't blame you, I found it hard to believe, too, but hold on to your hat because it's true! This amazing new supplement has helped many hard-gainers pack on muscle mass like crazy.

And it's easy and convenient to use. All you need to do to start experiencing mind-blowing strength and size gains, along with body fat loss, is to take a few capsules immediately after your workouts and a few more before bed on an empty stomach.

That's right! You can lose body fat and gain ripped, lean, new muscle mass without any changes in your diet at all!

Introducing Nitrobol!
A Potent Anabolic Inducer That Allows You To Grow From Each & Every Workout!

  • Speeds Up Recovery Time By 50% !

  • 900% Faster Protein Synthesis Than Whey Protein Isolates!

  • 99% Net Nitrogen Utilization - Highest Of Any Known Protein!

Nitrobol is a "Protein Synthesis Formula" consisting of a powerful blend of L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Lysine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Methionine, and L-Tryptophan (essential amino acids that make up protein).

Nitrobol was originally developed to help nourish starving children in third world countries and help them build their lean muscle tissue and restore their health as quickly as possible.

Nitrobol is the best bodybuilding protein supplement ever. It's the best because it has a "Net Nitrogen Utilization" (NNU) of 99%. That means that 99% of what you take in is utilized by your body! Compare that to whey protein alone which yields a NNU of only 12%!

Most of today's leading protein powders offer 17 grams of whey protein per serving. However, the NNU is only 2.04 grams. That means that only 2.04 grams of the 17 grams will be utilized by your body. It's amazing that only 2,000 mg (4 capsules) of Nitrobol equals the 17 gram serving of today's' leading protein powder!

Nitrobol is pre-digested and fully absorbed in less than 23 minutes. This means the muscle-building aminos get to your muscle cells FAST to induce and support muscle hypertrophy (growth). Dietary protein takes 3 to 4 hours to be digested.


  • Now you can build lean muscle mass as fast as possible because Nitrobol has an amazing 99% Net Absorption Rate (NAR). It goes immediately to muscle cells at precisely the right time needed for maximum muscle growth!

  • Accelerate Recovery Time from exercise by 50%! Grow faster from each and every workout!

  • Nitrobol increases nitrogen balance when taken between meals, after your workout and on an empty stomach before sleep. Lose stubborn body fat while building new ripped muscle mass without any dietary changes!

  • A high rate Anabolic Inducer, Nitrobol keeps your body in an anabolic state so you're constantly packing on muscle tissue, not tearing it down.

  • Completely absorbed within 22 minutes compared to four hours required by dietary proteins. High quality muscle and strength building raw materials available to muscle cells as quickly as possible.

  • 1000 milligrams (2 capsules) of Nitrobol has all of the essential building blocks required for maximizing muscle mass while minimizing body fat.

I experimented extensively with my "Inner Circle" clients to determine Nitrobol's effects on fat loss, muscle retention while dieting, and gaining lean mass. The results were nothing short of outstanding. In fact...

In The First 30 Days, Most Test Subjects Gained An Average Of 5 To 7 Pounds Of Lean Muscle Mass And Lost An Average Of 5 To 10 Pounds Of Body Fat!

It's important to note that these results were achieved when using Nitrobol in conjunction with weight training.

It's true! I constantly receive e-mails reporting muscle mass gains well over 5 lbs in a single month with significant fat loss.

Here's What People Are Saying About Nitrobol

"I'm a regional bodybuilding contestant and recently started taking Nitrobol when I just came off a 6 week cycle of steroids. I usually lose quite a bit of my gains (approx. 50%) when I come off a cycle of steroids. This time I immediately started using Nitrobol according to your directions for lean muscle mass gains and it's amazing! I kept 90% of the gains I made from my steroid cycle! What's even more amazing is that now I'm starting to make gains again naturally without steroids!" Name withheld by request

"I'm 2 weeks into my Nitrobol cycle. I'm taking 12 capsules right after training because it seems to be what everyone else is doing. The only other thing that I've been taking is MetRx and I've been using that for 6 months. I'm stronger and it has to be the Nitrobol because since I've been taking it my bench has gone up 20 pounds. My max is 315 pounds for one and half reps. Tonight I put up 295 pounds like it was 225 so I knew it would be the night I'd break through my plateau of 315. Instead, of putting on the usual 3 plates I added a 10 on each side and did a clean 335 pound bench. I know it's not an impressive number, but I'm damn excited. Nitrobol is the Bomb! Thanks."
Peter Swaine, Piqua, OH

How Do I Use Nitrobol?

A dose of at least 10 capsules post workout with an additional 10 before bed on training days only is a good place to start. It is a very economical path to take while enjoying great benefits from Nitrobol. Start at this dose and experiment with higher levels when you are ready.

The timing of Nitrobol intake is without a doubt the single most important factor. When taken on an empty stomach it's instantly delivered to the blood and subsequently to the muscles. For this reason it is recommended that Nitrobol be used either in-between meals, before bedtime, and the most crucial time to take it is immediately after training.

When Nitrobol is taken in-between meals throughout the day it can have a significant impact on maintaining a positive nitrogen balance for longer periods throughout the day. What this means is...

A Positive Nitrogen Balance Means More Consistent & Dramatic Muscle Mass And Strength Gains For You!

When Nitrobol is taken after workouts it has a profound impact on helping you gain muscle by delivering a much-needed source of nitrogen at the precise time when your body needs it most.

When Nitrobol is taken prior to sleep it increases serotonin levels which aid sleeping and help contribute to the recuperation necessary for accelerated muscle growth.

Many more little known but proven secrets for maximizing the building of new lean ripped muscle mass while at the same time losing ugly body fat, are included with your order of Nitrobol.

When Using Nitrobol How Long Before I Start Seeing Benefits?

Assuming that you're taking Nitrobol at the right time and appropriate dosages are ingested, results can be achieved in as little as one week.

However, to evaluate the effectiveness of Nitrobol, you may wish to allow at least 4 weeks of proper usage. During this period a complete determination of Nitrobol's effectiveness may be achieved.

An overwhelming number of Nitrobol users claim to feel a difference after only the first week of usage.

According to Dr. Jack Dawkins, M.D., D.O. from Houston, TX and confirmed by hundreds of Nitrobol users, significant gains in both strength and size will be realized immediately as well as considerable reduction in post workout soreness.

Listen, anyone that isn't using Nitrobol after training is crazy! It's the best anabolic inducer available for getting ripped while packing on lean, rock-hard muscle.

If you take Nitrobol even for only one month you'll experience astonishing results and you'll be a customer for as long as you train. Why? Because it flat-out works! No hype. No B.S.

It's easy to order...

One bottle of Nitrobol (contains 240 500mg capsules) is only $49.95 + $5 Shipping & Handling.

But If You Really Want To Maximize Your Muscle Mass & Fat Loss Gains, We Offer Three Different Nitrobol Special Discounted Packages To Get You Started:

Nitrobol Basic: 2 bottles of Nitrobol (each bottle contains 240 500mg tablets) for the special discounted price of only $89.95 + $6 shipping & handling. That's a savings of $16.05!

Nitrobol Silver: 3 bottles of Nitrobol (each bottle contains 240 500mg tablets) for only $139.95 + $6 shipping & handling. That's a savings of $18.90!

And The Best Deal...

Nitrobol Gold: 4 bottles of Nitrobol (each bottle contains 240 500mg tablets) for only $169.95 + $6 Shipping & Handling. That's a huge savings of $43.85!

It's easy to order but you'll have to act quickly...

My supplies of Nitrobol are limited. Because the exact amino acid combinations have to be so precise it takes at least 30 days to manufacture the raw ingredients for a new batch.

Right now I only have 77 bottles left and they're going FAST! And due to all the specialized work required of our lab, it can sometimes take as long as two months to get a new batch ready!

So if you want to start getting amazing muscle mass and strength gains from Nitrobol you better order today!

Order now and get the most effective and safe supplement combination for fat loss, muscle growth, and strength gain. But that's not all you get...

When you order either the Nitrobol Silver or Nitrobol Gold package within the next 10 days you'll get my FREE GIFT...

"Advanced Training Secrets Audio CD. How To Totally & Radically Transform Your Physique In Eight Weeks Or Less!"

$200.00 worth of advice from Mr. NABBA U.S.A. himself, Rob "The Colossus" Colacino. Rob just finished in the top 5 in the NABBA Mr. Universe and is an up and coming star in the bodybuilding world. He commands upwards of $200.00 an hour for his personal coaching and training advice, but you will be able to eavesdrop on a conversation with Rob, discussing his controversial but effective methods for fully training and exhausting a muscle group in a minimum amount of time. Here's just a few of the nuggets you'll learn from this CD:

  • How to build the maximum muscle in the minimum amount of time.

  • Special techniques to "up your intensity" and most effectively train for rapid size increases...while keeping your time in the gym very brief!

  • How to totally exhaust a muscle group by performing only one rep per set!

  • How to produce the exact stimulus needed for mass increases every training session and avoid over-training...and under-training!!!

  • How Rob eats to achieve rapid gains in muscular mass in the off-season.

  • Rob's actual routine, totally proven to pack powerful slabs of beef on your entire frame by only doing an unbelievable 1 rep per set!!!

  • ...and tons of other bodybuilding "pearls of wisdom".

This CD retails for over $30.00, but will be yours Absolutely Free when you order either the Nitrobol Silver or Nitrobol Gold package.

P.S. Don't forget, you'll have to act quickly. Right now I only have 77 bottles of Nitrobol left and they're going FAST! Because the exact amino acid combinations have to be so precise it takes quite a long time to manufacture a new batch. And due to all the specialized work required of our lab, it can take as long as two months to get a new batch ready! I don't want you to miss out on the amazing gains you can be making, so place your order today.

For Orders In The USA

Nitrobol $54.95
2 Bottles Nitrobol $95.95
3 Bottles Nitrobol $145.95
4 Bottles Nitrobol $175.95

For Orders Outside The USA

Nitrobol $64.95
2 Bottles Nitrobol $105.95
3 Bottles Nitrobol $159.95
4 Bottles Nitrobol $189.95

To order by phone call:
1-800-635-8970 or 1-503-648-1898
10 AM to 6 PM PST

To order by mail, send check/money order payable to:
Paul Becker
PO Box 2471
Hillsboro, OR 97123

This information presented is intended to be used for educational purposes only. The statements made have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (U.S.). This stack product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease. Please consult with your own physician or health care practitioner regarding any suggestions and recommendations made.

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