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Strengthening Your Lower Body: Tips for Lean Legs

Who doesnít want a pair of perfectly-shaped legs? You get a lot more opportunities to show off sexy legs than your abs or chest. Great legs require a combination of low body fat and toned muscles. Sure, it takes a good deal of work to shape up your legs, but the end result is totally worth it.

Make sure to work your lower body

Did you know that the lower body is the easiest place to build calorie-torching muscle quickly? There are more than 200 muscles below the waist, including the largest one in the body, the gluteus maximus. So all you need to do is get off your glutes and let your lower body do the work. For example, stand on one legwhen doing shoulder presses, or perform squats while doing bicep curls.

Be true to your core muscles

You have probably heard a lot about how vital core training is for your body, but did you know that itís impossible to work on your core without working on your legs too? So skip those standard crunches and accelerate your results with the right core training. Every workout should include your legs and core.

Start with your weaker side

It is important to work your weaker side, which for most of us is the left. When youíre feeling fresh, you tend to use better form and do more repetitions, and you can get a fresh burst of energy by switching sides. If you get in the habit of starting with your weaker side, you will improve your balance and end up with a more complete workout.

Lunge like youíre a ballet dancer

Lunges are undoubtedly one of the best toning exercises,in particular ballet-inspired lunges. With this exercise, you will see results in no time. Start by putting one leg in front of the other both heels are on the ground. Now lift both heels from the floor and gradually lunge down. For one rep, do 10 small pulses, then switch legs and repeat.

So, if you want shapely legs that you can flaunt on any occasion, try following the above steps, which can tone and strengthen your entire lower body. Learn more at fitnessgoals.

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